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Contract Manager

Contract Manager is designed to help build trust in peer-to-peer and informal lending, allowing both parties to create a legally-binding contract that helps reduce the possibility of default or denial.

Be it exchange of cash, goods or services, both parties can create a seemless and efficient contract agreement that's managed by an independent and neutral third party.

People behave better whenever a 3rd party is involved in their credit transactions.

- Credit Warehouse Research

Connector Service

The Connector Services is a data-sharing platform. Using API-driven services, we collect relevant credit data from multiple sources and make them available to organizations who offer cash, goods or service on credit to their customers.

This ultimately serves both the organizations, concerned about exposure, and their customers who are intent on getting lower rates and proving their credit worthiness.

Yes, they need to make On-the-spot decisions and we help with real time information.

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