Credit Warehouse is a data technology company that focuses on lending and credit-related data. Our mission is to ensure deserving individuals have access to affordable credit whenever they need it. Fortunately, we realized very early the importance of data in minimizing the risks associated with credit and observed how difficult it was to get lending data; as sharing such information is perceived alien to the Africa culture. Hence, our value proposition focuses on offering direct and supplementary services to entourage this. With what trickles in, we are able to fill a large gap in the system and improve credit accessibility by 42%

Our services include:

  • Help Creditors make more efficient decisions on who deserves to get credit, either in form of loans, or goods and services. We do this by leveraging on existing data, collected from multiple verified sources. Basically, we are able to identify who to avoid.
  • Simplifying the process for informal lenders to create legally admissible evidence of loans. We also helping them store this information for easy access and management via our Contract Manager.
  • On request, we provide follow-up services on due loans/credit facilities. Using our network of partners, we provide services like advanced debt recovery, advance payments and debts buy-back upon satisfaction of the required criteria.
  • Lenders and Credit Institutions also have access to premium service such as our credit scoring platforms via our 3rd party partners and advisers.
  • And finally, we help Bridge the information/data gap between the Credit Risk Bureau and Regulators

In all, we are passionate about providing these solutions which subtly help achieve our objectives and support the global SDG goals on financial inclusion and poverty alleviation.

Join us in creating a transparent and working credit system by earning points when you share your information/data or credit history. We're available to take questions and inquiries, do reach out to us via (list the platforms)

- Team CreditWarehouse

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